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Priced at just $29.

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It Is a great model for your home, and it promises to keep both you and your family protected at all times.

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A key offering is SMART Connect, a free home security smartphone app developed by Protect America that allows remote control from anywhere, and is available for both Android and iOS. Furthermore, the company offers a landline option along with cellular and broadband, which can be a great backup when needed. On the other hand, the least expensive Protect America plans actually do require a landline, which some customers may find annoying. In theory, motion sensors are just waves bouncing off a target detecting movement. However, in reality, they give property owners a heads up. They may be integrated as a component of a home security system that instantly alerts a user of moving objects in a particular area.

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Most indoor security cameras will pick up glares and reflections when aimed out a window.

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